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Welcome to Maine’s radio show and podcast all about dogs and cats and the people that share their lives. Our goal is to inform and educate you about the needs and wants of your furry friends so that your lives together can be the best that they can be. 

Kate and I discuss the latest news from the pet world covering a wide range of topics such as; basic healthcare, how to choose a good cat or dog food, training, behavior, and management of your pet, resolving problem behavior, serious health issues, and more. Sometimes a show is just the two of us having a conversation, but we also have guests on the shows from our hometown, Bangor, ME and from all throughout the USA. Veterinarians, authors, trainers, behaviorists, filmmakers, shelter managers, and others have all shared their knowledge with us on The Woof Meow Show

Whether you listen to our podcast or to the show as it is broadcast on Saturday at 9 AM on Z62 Retro Radio AM620, WZON, and WKIT HD3, we hope you find the show enjoyable and a valuable resource and that you become a regular listener. If you have a topic you would like us to consider for the show, contact me at

Don Hanson, Producer & Co-Host

Jun 12, 2015

NutriSource and Green Acres Kennel Shop are giving away two pairs of tickets to see the Boston Red Sox beat the Chicago White Sox. One pair of tickets is for Monday, July 27th at 7:10PM and the other is for Tuesday, July 28th at 7:10PM.

Winners will be drawn at the close of business on Saturday, July 18th and will be...

Apr 22, 2014

Green Acres Kennel Shop is looking for an artist, illustrator, art student, or just someone who likes to draw to enter our Poop Fairy drawing contest. Getting people to pick up their dog’s feces can be a struggle. Whether it’s in public places, on a hiking trail, Green Acres’ play yard, or your yard, not everyone...

Oct 21, 2013

The holidays are approaching quickly as is our annual Holiday Pet Portraits session at Green Acres which will take place on Sunday, November 3rd. Don and Kate talk with Deb about this annual event and how you can get your pet ready to look their best for that holiday photo.

Oct 7, 2013

Kate and Don discussing Green Acres’ new mobile friendly website and the Treasure Hunt promotion they’ve created to encourage people to explore the website. From Sunday, October 6th through Saturday November 9th the Green Acres website will contain several hidden links. When someone finds a hidden link they will be...