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Welcome to Maine’s radio show and podcast all about dogs and cats and the people that share their lives. Our goal is to inform and educate you about the needs and wants of your furry friends so that your lives together can be the best that they can be. 

Kate and I discuss the latest news from the pet world covering a wide range of topics such as; basic healthcare, how to choose a good cat or dog food, training, behavior, and management of your pet, resolving problem behavior, serious health issues, and more. Sometimes a show is just the two of us having a conversation, but we also have guests on the shows from our hometown, Bangor, ME and from all throughout the USA. Veterinarians, authors, trainers, behaviorists, filmmakers, shelter managers, and others have all shared their knowledge with us on The Woof Meow Show

Whether you listen to our podcast or to the show as it is broadcast on Saturday at 9 AM on Z62 Retro Radio AM620, WZON, and WKIT HD3, we hope you find the show enjoyable and a valuable resource and that you become a regular listener. If you have a topic you would like us to consider for the show, contact me at

Don Hanson, Producer & Co-Host

Jul 15, 2017

In this first of a two-part series on vaccinations for dogs, Kate and Don talk with Dr. Judy Herman of the Animal Wellness Center in Augusta, Maine. In this show, we discuss what vaccines are and why vaccines are important for our pets. We discuss the different type of vaccines; modified live, killed, and recombinant and the differences between them and the infectious organisms they address; viruses versus bacteria. The Rabies Challenge Fund is discussed along with their latest research that indicates the Rabies vaccine is good for at least seven years. Chronic diseases that have been linked to over vaccinations are also addressed. Dr. Herman explains titer testing as an alternative to vaccinations for pets that have had reactions to vaccinations.

In the second segment of the show, Dr. Herman discusses which vaccines she recommends for puppies and older dogs starting off with an assessment of the dog’s health before she recommends anything. She stresses that it is imperative that a dog be healthy when vaccinated. The immunity puppies receive from their mother is also explained.

In the last segment of the show, we discuss the American Animal Hospital Associations (AAHA) recommended core vaccines; vaccines that the AAHA recommended for every dog. We also discuss the pros and cons of getting multiple vaccinations in a single shot or doing them singly at separate appointments. We consider dogs that are more likely to have an adverse reaction to a vaccine and some of the vaccine ingredients, like Mercury, that are suspected of causing adverse reactions. One reason why you want to ask your veterinarian about the specifics of the vaccines that they are using.

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